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Hello Friends and Family!  I am excited to share with you that I am traveling back to Tacna, Peru for a three-month missionary internship this summer, 2021! Tacna is the 8th largest city in Peru, roughly The goal of this trip is four-fold:

(1) To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, (2) To help our brothers and sisters in Tacna advance the kingdom of God, (3) To learn from God if he is calling me to be a full-time missionary, and (4) To learn how to lead short-term mission trips if I am called to do ministry back at home. My motivation to embark on this journey is born out of a desire to dedicate my life in service of our great God!

Thanks for visiting this page and following along with me on this journey.  I do not have cell service here, so rather than text, please email me at cspradlin455 (at) if you'd like to connect with me this summer. 





ARRIVAL!  By the grace of God I arrived here in Tacna, Peru safe and sound on May 13th! Despite the 9 hour layover in Lima, everything went perfectly smooth.  Due to the pandemic still active here, we are required to wear both a mask and a face-shield while in public or in stores, even if you are vaccinated.

I spent my first week in Tacna, Peru, helping out the church - Ciudad Nueva. In addition to cleaning up the church grounds and getting to know the local leaders, I visited with kids in the community and their families to invite them to in-person services.

The church was able to hold it's very first live service since the pandemic started! 

Here I am visiting families with Judith (my host mom and administrator of the church) and Talia (one of my Spanish tutors who works with our kids.)

Here are a few famous photos of downtown Tacna - the Tacna Cathedral and the arch of the Alto de la Alianza, an important war memorial in the town plaza.  Tacna was the center of the push for independence from Spain in 1811. 


In addition to working in the church, Iberoamericana is working on getting this clinic reopened.  We have lots of cleanup and painting to do to make it ready to receive residents of this neighborhood.  Please pray the red tape will be cleared so that we can provide much needed care soon!

And, finally this week, I received word that we will be reopening our AWANA Bible program here in Tacna, which I am so excited about since I've worked for many years in our VCC program!  The community has been so thrilled to hear, and anticipation is building.  Please pray for our efforts!

Hola friends and family! 
This week we had an awesome time of fellowship around the bonfire, or "la fogata". This weekly meeting is held at the Nueva Jerusalén clinic, and is intended to build community in anticipation of services resuming. Nueva Jerusalén is one of three churches served by Iberoamerican Ministries here in Tacna, and we are hoping that we will eventually be able to open it up once again. Please be praying for this ministry and the amazing people it serves!

This is "Generación de Cristo" kid's program I have been working at every week! It has been fun to help plan games, review lesson materials, and get to know the kids.

Here I am at my host family's home and my "brother" Angemi!  So blessed to be here!

Thanks for your prayers!


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