How I May Be of Service

Years ago, I discovered my purpose: to be a "people-developer" for Christ"- to help you put your hand in His hand, walking in relationship with Him.  To assist you in your journey, I offer pastoral, bereavement, premarital and law enforcement counseling:

Personal:  Sometimes life just isn't what you thought it would be, and you need someone to listen.  Whether you are facing stressful circumstances, hurts or habits you need to change, or a question of faith, my goal is to point you in the right direction toward God's plan for your life.

Relationships:  Relating to one another remains a constant challenge in our lives since we're all different!  So, it's natural to need guidance and direction.  By speaking the truth to you in love, we'll get down to the heart of the issues you face and plan solutions and strategies that will strengthen your relationships.

Coaching:  All of us need someone to come alongside us and provide insight, guidance and mentoring.  A career move, promotion opportunity, or life change often requires us to refocus.  We'll work together to define strategies to meet your goals while maintaining balance in your life.

GriefThe loss of a loved one can send your life spinning.  But grief is fact, God designed this season in our lives for a number of reasons:  We have an opportunity to express the depth of our love, draw close to God for unmatched comfort, remember the life lessons our loved one taught us, and do something about our grief rather than be consumed by it.  We'll understand the dynamics of grief and rely on God for strength together.

Memorial Service:  When you've lost a loved one, one of the most stressful tasks is planning a memorial service.  Coming alongside your family, I am also available to meet with you and your family to offer comfort, to assist in finding a mortuary and venue, and to design a time of remembrance that respects and honors your loved one.  To reduce the added pressure during your time of grief, the initial meeting and personalized memorial eulogy are at no cost.  A financial gift may be offered, but no fee is required.  In addition, our church facilities may be available, as scheduling permits.

Law Enforcement:  As an experienced police chaplain, I understand the challenges of your calling to public service.  Whether you are in patrol, dispatch, records, admin or support services, you've committed to not just a job, but a unique lifestyle that most people don't quite get!

From personal crises, critical incidents, or family issues, my goal is to direct you to the healing and empowerment that only God can bring.  And as a chaplain, you can expect the confidentiality you need (without being cluttered by department politics, either!)  Contact me confidentially for an appointment.

Premarital:  Making a life commitment to your future spouse is one of the most thrilling and stressful activities but one worth the investment.  Sadly, less than one quarter of all engaged couples seek counseling to prepare for a lasting marriage.  There is much more that goes into a wedding ceremony than just saying your vows!

My desire is to partner with you in making your Christ-centered marriage last a lifetime by spending time BEFORE your special day focusing on critical issues to your relationship with each other and God.  In our affordable, one-hour sessions, we'll cover how to beat the biggest threats to your marriage: family history, communication, intimacy and finances.  We'll talk about realistic expectations for one another, how to resolve conflict, and how to honor God with your lives.
The Fine Print:  
Counseling fees are affordable and depend on the services you desire and number of sessions.  Contact me, and we'll plan a structure that's tailored especially for you.

All counseling:
I am not a licensed MFT or counseling professional.  My role is strictly as a pastoral counselor under the authority of God and the Bible.  Confidentiality is my commitment to you.

In my dual role as a police chaplain and pastor, I am covered under the California Clergy-Penitent Privilege.

To safeguard the sanctity of your marriage, a written covenant is required certifying that a Christ-centered, Biblical marriage is between one man and one woman under His direction, prior to the first counseling session.  It also highlights my responsibilities to you before God.  Please contact me for specific details.

NOTE: I reserve the right to decline an invitation to provide counseling services for any spiritual, physical, or marital reason whatsoever in line with God's Word in Scripture.

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