31 December 2020

A Prayer for the New Year

I thought I might offer you a snapshot of my prayer time with the Lord this morning. It isn’t profound or prolific. But I felt compelled to share it as we enter 2021 together.

The End. This year, Lord...one of the worst ever by some estimations, and yet it is not. All a matter of perspective. How will we choose to look at it? A divided country politically, one that’s been on fire, a bankrupt government morally, a country plagued by disease... OR, one in which we got to learn new ways of serving one another – tangible thoughts and deeds of love – and people who met You for the first time, the gift of eternity with You. How did we contribute to that?  

Lord, we can still count our blessings though we face loss and uncertainty. The one blessing I am so grateful for? You, Jesus… You were handed over to die because of my sin, our sins, and You rose from the dead to make me, us, right with God. (Rom. 4:25) No amount of turmoil or hardship or disappointment can change that, Lord! You still rule and reign, and we get to participate in that with You as co-heirs, both now and forever! Therefore, since by my faith I’ve been made right with You, I can have peace in my heart and life because of nothing I did, but what You did. You have brought me into the highest place of honor and privilege – I stand here now with you – confident, joyful at the glory awaiting. (Rom. 5:1-2)

Maybe, Lord, a bit of that is to come in this New Year. I believe it! And I’m counting on You, as You count on me! I will rejoice when I encounter difficulties since I know You’ve allowed them to teach me endurance and then strength of character which then makes me all the more sure of my salvation! (Rom. 5:3-4)

I am not at all disappointed in You as I am with the world. Its promises never satisfy me like Yours… The promise of security, a political hope, a cure…no, all these fade in comparison to just how much You love me – love us – because You’ve confirmed it! Thank You, Holy Spirit, for filling my heart today with Your love, ready to face the future and bless whomever you place in my path. (Rom. 5:5)

Lord, I give You 2021 as my offering. How can I please You better this year? How can I yield more of myself and my wants, and take delight in Your plans and purposes? Oh Lord, I can be hopeful and optimistic! You have given me everything I need – in abundance! May You be glorified in me this year. Thank you for this gift of life. I love You.

The prayers I write in my quiet time are my thoughts to the Lord. But maybe today, since I felt prompted to share this, how might you echo some of these words from Scripture, as well, as your own communication with Him?  

Friends, we face uncertainty as the calendar changes. But it can be met with extreme confidence in Christ! As you look forward, what do you have to be thankful for? What changes in your relationship with Him do you want to make? And how might I pray for you?

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