16 May 2015


Anticipation... Sitting in the Ontario terminal awaiting my group number to be called, I know I am only traveling to the East Coast today, but the journey begins. And there is anticipation...only of what God wants to do.

I am excited... I slept little, yet feel so refreshed. And I realized just now that I love to people-watch! A break last year taught me that!

I marvel at God's hand at creating such diverse and complex individuals! He is so brilliant, not just in glory, but in design.

I'm reminded, as a baby hasn't stopped crying for about 15 minutes just how precious that little life is. Others may be annoyed, but to me, now, it's music. (I'm sure halfway into the flight, I may feel differently, but that's what headphones are for!)

What are you anticipating today? Will you see others, even though they may be annoying, as His handiwork? And what do you expect Him to do?

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. I'm anticipating some wonderful awareness of Him...will you?

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